My Styling Services

I offer several different styling services to suit you and your budget which include:



Price: $85 per/hr  - You can choose any of the above and we can focus on that for 1-2 hours.



Price: $310–  4 hours of personal one on one styling and a detailed analysis of your image. We look at any of your concerns and I tailor the day to best work for you. 



Price: $450– 6 hours of personal one on one styling plus detailed and comprehensive styling notes for you to refer to and keep on hand for future speed bumps in your style journey. The day is tailored to best suit your style goals.



Price: $265  – This service is a full e-commerce styling edit. We chat via zoom or phone, (whatever is most comfortable for you) about you, your style and areas of concern. You send me an easy iphone  full length image of yourself along with your completed style survey. I basically fill in the gaps for you. I listen to what you need, what you already have and with your specified budget in mind I send you a comprehensive personal styling edit. It is created through Shop share TV. The styling edit is curated personally for you. You are able to add to cart and purchase straight away through my guidance or save for another day. This one is popular with the busy woman who is time poor or doesn’t live in close proximity or those that  prefer the privacy of shopping at their own leisure. This eliminates any feelings of being overwhelmed, pressured or confused. Believe it or not it can be quite emotional for some women.



 If you book a service that requires me entering your home and personal space, I ask that we meet before hand for a coffee. We can discuss your style goals and it also helps you feel comfortable with the process and with me before I enter your home.

All styling sessions will be invoiced and are to be paid via bank transfer within 7 days of my service.